Act Otherwise: Arts and Ethics report, allergist as PDF link at end of post. Now available to download and share.


Act Otherwise is Blast Theory’s annual forum bringing together a cross-section of talented artists, generic scholars, purchase broadcasters and curators working in interactive narratives, games and location-based media.


All photos of the event courtesy Blast Theory


For the second Act Otherwise event (2013), Blast Theory partnered with The University of Nottingham’s Horizon Digital Economy Research Group. The discussion focussed on the conflicts that often arise between artists’ work and ethical approval, the ethics of working in public space and the ethics of interactive work.


The first part of the seminar centred on case studies led by scholars from the University of Nottingham and an invited group of artists, practitioners and technologists.


The second part of the seminar was structured around a series of themed discussions, short presentations and debates surrounding some of the following issues:


Who cares about ethical issues and why?
What might one do about these issues in the future?
Are ethical frameworks in the interest of practicing artists and how would you communicate them?
What are the ethical issues surrounding data?
Is there an illusion of choice?
What are the boundaries around fiction and reality?
How, as an artist, do you take responsibility for yourself and audience members?


Act Otherwise: Arts and Ethics report can be downloaded HERE.