Artist Statement


Working with video installation, pills Emily Willey critically looks at how broadcast news can skew public opinion. Under the guise of The Information Corporation, sale a fictional news channel, usa ed her work responds to complex news stories which are subsequently performed and edited as simplified narratives. With the use of papier-mâché and crudely made news reports, InfoCorp takes serious topics and re-presents them in a ridiculous manner to critique corporations’ manipulation of the mass media.


‘[T]he strange mood of our time, where nothing really makes coherent sense. We live with a constant vaudeville of contradictory stories that makes it impossible for any real opposition to emerge, because they can’t counter it with a coherent narrative of their own. And it means we as individuals become ever more powerless, unable to challenge anything because we live in a state of confusion and uncertainty to which the response is ‘oh dear’ but that’s what they want you to say.’

Adam Curtis (2014) in “Oh Dear”-ism II and Non-Linear War [Documentary]