“It’s very important to be part of the work, to walk on it and to make that decision to. At first you don’t know if this is OK, if you are allowed to or not. Then once you see that you can and have permission to, it’s a magical moment.” Jacob Dalgren



The latest exhibition On Balance at Fabrica in Brighton brings together two works by Swedish artist Jacob Dahlgren, which have been reconfigured for Fabrica’s unique space and which encourage visitors to interact with them. On Balance is a co-commission with Brighton Festival 2014. Visitors are invited by Dahlgren to step into his pictorial and sculptural world by walking across and through his artworks.


Heaven is a Place on Earth is a large, floor work comprising 713 polished bathroom scales in candy-pop colours, ranging from turquoise and lime to cerise and black. The Wonderful World of Abstraction takes its sculptural form from thousands of metres of multi-coloured ribbon, which are suspended uniformly from a metal frame to create a kaleidoscopic effect.


Fabrica’s regular filmmakers Ben Harding and Tom Thistlethwaite have made two films for Jacob Dahlgren’s On Balance. The trailer can be seen above.


However, there is also a gallery film which accompanies the exhibition and features installation footage alongside interviews with Jacob Dahlgren and artist-in-residence Alinah Azadeh. It can be viewed here.