Artist Statement


But would you actually want to be a JPEG file?


I work to embody my patterns of perception in digital space. Mapping myself in the coded movement of video game topography: I exist as event, viagra order herbal structured like an interlaced Tetris trap. I use digital space to accumulate objects and patterns around myself, denture they cluster like empty shells washed up by the tide, cialis flowers at a roadside crash, a landfill site: both consumed by the space and contribute to creating it, they make visible my edges through exposing its shape.


Trap: By creating patterns of signification, I construct the world as an extension of my mind exactly in the attempt to escape it; the more I pull outwards to externalise this narration of myself as subject, the more the whole space becomes me. Hide from this optical structuring not by blocking out the light, but by becoming it: become the place where things are put.