Honor Harger, order photo by Roberta Mataityte


“The past four years have been hugely rewarding and enjoyable, buy and leaving Lighthouse has been a very difficult decision to make. There has never been a more important time to illustrate how technology is changing society. Lighthouse’s role in showing how artists, generic filmmakers and creative practitioners do that is pivotal in today’s arts landscape, I look forward to seeing how the organisation continues to lead the national conversation in this area. With such a wonderfully talented and committed team, and a rich and valuable network of partners, Lighthouse has a very bright future.” Honor Harger


After four years at Lighthouse, award-winning Artistic Director Honor Harger will be taking up a position as Executive Director of a major international arts venue in 2014. Honor leaves the organisation in a strong position for its next stage of development.


During her four-year tenure, Lighthouse has grown in ambition, profile and reach, presenting shows from groundbreaking artists such as Trevor Paglen, David Blandy and Timo Arnall; commissioning new work from the likes of James Bridle, Semiconductor and The Otolith Group and supporting the creation of Brighton Digital Festival, which is helping make Brighton one of the fastest growing and most successful digital hubs in the country.


During this time, Lighthouse also began a major partnership with the British Film Institute to manage its BFI shorts programme, and to co-manage Film Hub South East. Honor herself was recently named one of the most influential and innovative people working in the arts, culture and the creative industries by The Guardian and Hospital Club.


Recruitment for a new Artistic Director to co-direct Lighthouse alongside Miriam Randall, Managing Director began this week. For more details about this role, visit its Opportunities page.