Stour Valley Arts’s (SVA) first Associate Artist, Louisa Martin receives film funding for two upcoming film projects and is one of the artists taking part in this year’s Whitstable Biennale for new visual arts, film and performance opening tomorrow (May 31-15 June).


Stour Valley Arts supported and advised on Louisa’s funding bid as part of its Associate Artist programme. Following its recent commission of Louisa’s film and installation, Of Course, the arts organisation in Kent discussed Louisa’s next career steps and how it might support her development. “Through a number of illuminating conversations and visits, it was agreed that what can be really useful to an artist is to have a critical friend who can ask helpful questions, perhaps offer connections to other artists, curators and producers, and ultimately help to make new work.”


What being an Associate Artist means:

  • studio visits by SVA staff
  • advocacy and support at events, exhibitions and launches
  • help to shape new thinking and the work that comes out of it
  • support in fundraising, marketing and networking
  • potential employment


Louisa will continue to advocate for SVA when appropriate, which is crucial as the organisation puts artists at the core of all it does.


Louisa is working on developing her latest work, Front, which was shown recently at the Jerwood Space, and will take live performance into an outdoor environment to create technologically challenging film and projection work.


Please sign up to Stour Valley Art’s newsletter to keep up with the development of her work. Louisa’s short film The Lighthouse, Scenes 1 and 2 (7min looped) can be seen on 31 May at Gallery 2, Horsebridge Art Centre Gallery, Whitstable.