‘Yesterday, symptoms denture When I Was Young’ is a biographical project exploring notions of memory, impotent escapism, and the repetition of mundane everyday existence. Oscillating between oblique expressions and sequestered gestures, the work charts the daily lives of a family, a lover and the revelation of self-identity and sexuality.

The use of natural lighting has been imperative, showing a sense of realism, using the light as a tool to brighten the interception of detail and hide information with the use of shadows. Light became important throughout my work, as it became a way of transgression towards hiding.


Disengagement being present within images, emulates the disconnection that is found with others, especially my family due to my sexuality. In reference to Kuhn (1995, P29) theory on shadows and silhouettes, suggesting that images with the point-of-view focusing on the back of a person’s head suggests not being heard.


Evoking a sense of melancholy, the impact of past events is present in a sequence of photographic images that interrogates the conflicts and reconciliations of family life. Unexpectedly cathartic, the act of looking has become the catalyst for self-discovery.