Partner: MK Gallery

Exhibition title: Journeys 

Exhibition dates: 30 August – 5 September 2012


Lauren Stanton, a graduate of The University of Northampton, is inspired by the spontaneity within drawing. Through repetitive movement and obsessive mark making, Stanton believes she is able to represent the emotional, physical and psychological states of the body and mind.


To create her work, Stanton begins in the middle of the paper and lets the mark react, using hypnotic states that isolate the surrounding environment, creating a mass of tangled lines, as physical energy is taken from the body and applied onto the paper. Stanton has created a series of ‘drill’ drawings. With each drilling, she has collected the cotton fibres that were teased from the paper, creating a living record of the transitional process that the work has gone through.


Subtle changes in light can make the drill drawings either appear or disappear, and the importance of light combined with the fragility of the paper surfaces led to the creation of her two light-box pieces. All of these works are kept like a diary, representing unforeseen emotion and psychological journeys that are works of the body and mind.