Painting by Stephen Codner


From 14 September until 6 October Pallant House Gallery presents Partners in Painting, an exhibition of work by Stephen Codner and Simon Russell.


The exhibition forms part of Partners in Art which is a key element of Pallant House Gallery’s Learning and Community Programme providing opportunities for people with support needs to follow their interest in art by establishing creative partnerships. Founded in 2002 by Marc Steene (Head of Learning and Community and Deputy Director of Pallant House Gallery) and Sandra Peaty (Community Programme Coordinator) the scheme is now celebrating its tenth anniversary and has involved over 200 people from the local community.


Marc Steene said of Partners in Art: “It provides opportunities for people to access the art world on an equal footing with a partner who shares their passion. The focus is on art, not people’s disability or support needs, and for those involved it is an important and, in many cases, life changing opportunity.”


Painting by Simon Russell


Stephen and Simon have been Partners in Art since 2010 and this exhibition is the first time they have shown their work together. Speaking of Simon’s “uninhibited masterpieces”, Stephen said, “It is amazing. He has a wonderful sense of colour and design, and a freedom of brushstroke. All the things I would really like to be able to have in my work!”


Both Simon and Stephen value the partnership greatly with Simon enjoying the company and motivation that the partnership provides. Stephen commented: “It gets me doing something useful in the community. I really enjoy working with Simon. His sense of humour, enjoyment of the natural world and infectious enthusiasm for painting always makes for a happy time together.”