Blast Theory want to share “the multitude of ways that our lives have been enhanced by the breadth and vibrancy of art and culture in this country”. To this end, no rx Blast Theory is inviting you (the reader/s of this post) to make a video about the importance of art and culture under the title, That Changed My Life.


“Anyone can make a video. You don’t have to be an expert. It should only take a few minutes but it could have an impact of lasting importance. We want to know about any song, film, play, dance, comic, book or work of art that has meant something special to you. It might be opera or street art. It might be professional or amateur. You may have taken part in it or have been an audience member, a reader or a visitor. The change it made in your life may be small – it cheered you up or was a shared experience with someone important to you – or it may be life long.


Please support Blast Theory and all arts and culture organisations by making a video, sharing the Playlist and/or subscribing to it. For ease of sharing and finding, please add this hashtag in the title of each video: #thatchangedmylife


Here are some videos recently made by Blast Theory and uploaded on YouTube. Click on the link to go to the page.


That Changed My Life


• Film on anything: a video camera, a phone, a webcam
• Make sure the sound is good: we need to hear you
• Check the lighting: make sure there is light on your face and not behind you


This is your video so say it your way. Here are some guidelines which may be helpful:
• Make it personal: talk about how art and culture has changed you
• Make it short: talk for as long as you need to but no longer
• Be specific: give an example of what changed you
• Talk about impact: how did it have an effect on you?
• Don’t make assumptions: try not to use acronyms or insider talk. These videos are for


Once you’ve made your recording be sure to share it with everybody.
• In the title your video include your name and #thatchangedmylife
e.g. “Matt #thatchangedmylife”
• Upload the video to YouTube. You need an account to do that but it’s free and quick to
do. For help on uploading, go to the Google help page here.
• Tell everyone: share the link through your social networks
• From time to time, we’ll do a search for the videos and add them to the That Changed My Life video playlist.