Alexandra Davey “Twins” 2014 Photo


Bournemouth Lower Gardens and Seafront
Friday 1st – Sunday 10th May 2015
Private View: 6.30 – 9.00pm 30th April 2015


10am – 5pm Daily
Twitter: /TheGarden_Party
Facebook: /TheGardenParty2015 


The Arts University Bournemouth is proud to present ‘The Garden PARTy Exhibition’, unhealthy the thirteenth incarnation of its annual public exhibition hosted in Bournemouth’s Lower Gardens. This year features nineteen Fine Art undergraduates exhibiting work produced specifically for a site within the vicinity of Bournemouth’s gardens and seafront, alongside new work from Lead Artist, alumni student and winner of the 2012 Platform Graduate Award Joella Wheatley. ‘The Garden PARTy’ is held by the Arts University Bournemouth in association with the Bournemouth Council supported by the Art, Park and Seafront departments. The last two years it has been residing in Bosombe, this year we bring it back to Bournemouth.


Keely Seabright Internal Forms 1  2015, wax, crochet and latex

Keely Seabright Internal Forms 1 2015, wax, crochet and latex


The exhibition is a brilliant opportunity for students to showcase their work in a public environment. Each year the exhibition is led by an alumni of the university who works closely with the students to organise, install and promote the show, allowing the students to develop vital skills to use in their future careers as practicing artists.


The Garden PARTy will launch on the evening of the 30th of April at 6.30pm and will be open to the general public until the 10th of May, 10am to 5pm daily. The student’s installations span a broad selection of mediums and themes, from interactive art to sculpture to sound art. Sian Hutchings explores a posthuman conversation with Bournemouth, focusing on the development and change in our language since the turn of the digital era through the use of sound installations. Sarah Bailey transforms the bandstand into a glowing, fantastical fishtank with her ambitious paper installations open for the public to walk in during the day and gaze at from outside at night. On a completely different note, Sally Rombough will be installing an interactive video piece investigating the childhood taboo of colouring over the black line and its effect on child development. Meanwhile Carrie Mason uses cyanotype printing to explore the passing of time by the shore, engaging with the materiality of the site by using physical structures at the pier, light and sea water to develop the prints.


Lauren Emmett “Proximity Halo” 2015, Hair

Lauren Emmett “Proximity Halo” 2015, Hair


Exhibition Maps plotting the locations of the installations with information on each, can be picked up from the Garden PARTy Information Point on the grass below the bandstand (in the middle of the Lower Gardens). There will also be students on site throughout the duration of the exhibition, who are more than happy to talk about the work and give further assistance in finding the installations. What makes this exhibition special is the fact that the installations within the Lower Gardens and the Pier have been designed specifically for their locations, and each artist has thoroughly explored the possibilities available to them in using the spaces both as inspiration and as a part of their work. Responding to an environment when creating art is challenging yet immensely gratifying when pulled off, and offers the artist a chance to develop their practice by approaching it from a new perspective. Despite working within a common area, each installation is extremely individual to the artist and truly reflects their unique visions and processes making for a diverse and engaging exhibition.


Sarah Bailey
Bella Bennett
Katie Bligh
Natalie Crockford
Alexandra Davey
Lauren Emmett
Nina GilesSian Hutchings
Katie Inglis
Caroline Mason
Bethany Mendham
Anna Moss
Sandra Nogaj
Alice Parmenter
Sally Rombough
Keely Seabridge
Tom Sharp
Lydia Sinclair
Tom Stewart
Joella Wheatley