My childhood has never lost its magic- Louise Bourgeois


My practice has no definitions or limitations. I am a prolific producer with a large body of work that encompasses sculpture, denture site-specific installations, text, prints, video and performance. I am continuously pushing forwards and experimenting in order to expand the thought process. By having no predetermined course of action it allows a more diverse exploration, a constant questioning.


From early childhood I have collected and archived ‘things’. I was very aware of the need to label my collection with the all-important ‘sign’ of authority and authentication, and here began the deviation; the repetition of a small range of seashell types became boring. It was my game and I made up the rules, allowing wonderful new species to be born.


Initially my interest in materials and their behaviour led me to study Chemistry at Southampton University, I now see this as a path I had to take to enhance my practice.


In my degree project, ‘The Museum of Categorisatium,’ making collections of things, both real and imaginary, lies at the core of the work.   Through the making, I phase into my own inner space like that of my childhood, creating imaginary worlds.