Bob and Roberta Smith’s 2006 banner artwork project Should I Stay or Sound I Go: Dilemmas for Margate, initially commissioned by Turner Contemporary in 2006, returns to the streets of Margate this autumn.


The banners tackle the local issues of regeneration and gentrification that are inevitably bound up with the arrival of a major new art gallery in the town by inviting people to consider apparently oppositional choices: Turner or Terry? Arctic Monkeys or Mantovani? Kent or Cornwall? Love or Hate? Mountain Top or Seaside? Britain or Brittany? In or Out? Fish ‘n’ Chips or Dover Sole?


Patrick Brill, the artist who works under the name of Bob and Roberta Smith, is known for his activist art. He says, “it is with the small ‘p’ politics that you can effect change as an artist”.


The banners, presented by the Turner Contemporary,  are on display from Thursday 6 September – Sunday 28 October 2012. After this period the festive lights will be returned to the High Street.