Celeste Barker’s work explores the trace of memory and wear on the surface of objects caused by time and repetition of use. These marks are subsequently recorded with rubbings, ampoule casting and with printmaking. Objects transform, story along with their owners, over time. Domestic items, essential to one’s daily routine, are of particular interest to the artist with the patina of these tools providing a tangible link between the item, its purpose and its owner.

For this body of work, Barker explores family life and her own wooden tools have become a focal point for these investigations. Wooden spoons that sit well in the hand and chopping boards that pick up the trace of years of preparation are recorded with a rubbing technique that shows every side of the object. Muslin is wrapped around items and brass rubbing wax is used to detail the surface marks. The spatial and sculptural qualities of these three dimensional objects are revealed in the resulting two dimensional work.


Celeste Barker


Celeste Barker installation