Dawn Chorus, buy by British artist Marcus Coates, sale uses unique digital methods to explore the relationship between birdsong and the human voice, drawing out similarities between the behaviour of birds and humans.
This immersive multi-screen film installation features 19 individual singers who uncannily recreate birdsong and bird movement. Together they form a chorus that accurately simulates the sounds and timings of a natural dawn chorus.
With each singer depicted in an everyday location: an underground car park, an osteopathic clinic, a bedroom, a bathtub, Dawn Chorus is as much a portrait of British society as it is of the natural world.


Fabrica – Brighton

3 April – 1 May
Weds – Sat, 12-5pm
Sundays, 2-5pm
Bank Holidays (3 April,6 April,25 May) 2-5pm
2 May – 24 May
Every day 12-7pm


Dawn Chorus
Co-produced by Brighton Festival


Fabrica Talking Point: Marcus Coates – Dawn Chorus