The first of five Platform Graduate Award shows, Art Fare: The Shop, opened last week (6 September) at the De La Warr Pavilion (DLWP) in Bexhill and runs until 21 September.


Art Fare: The Shop is one of two art works selected for DLWP’s longlist and is a collaborative work produced by a group of thirteen recent graduates from the Fine Art: Critical Practice course at the University of Brighton with input from James, the final member of the group who was responsible for designing the shop and the structure of the interior.




Their work comprised of performances and installations which took place on Brighton and Hove buses over a two-week period during May 2014. The group decided to set up Art Fare: The Shop, and create new works and products that relate directly to the performances such as angel wings, limited-edition cushions, posters, key rings, books and photographs which are now on sale at the pop-up shop in Gallery 2.



Caleb Madden, one of the curators who selected the longlist artists with David Rhodes, said of the selection for the selection:
“David and I looked at a lot of graduate work and what stuck out about this piece was that it was challenging for the students to work together as a group. What really spoke to us about this group effort was its coherence – it has resulted in a project where the total is more than the sum of the parts. It also blurs a lot of the boundaries relating to art forms and asks a lot of questions about how you present and describe a performance work after the fact, that is once it has taken place. This group have chosen a very interesting way of presenting it – all the works were originally presented outside of the gallery context on buses and the students wanted to also present it at De La Warr outside the traditional gallery context. By commodifying the documents in this way and creating a pop-up shop, they’ve come up with an original way of documenting their performances, plus they also earn some money.”


Stewart Drew and Caleb Madden at the opening


Working outside the galleries is Fine Art BA graduate performance artist Izabela Brudkiewicz, (photo below) who presents Not so, after all. For seven days, eight hours a day, Brudkiewicz will be on Bexhill seafront, pushing a large ball she has created from layers of blankets, wire, paper and felt.



By pushing the ball on a route that moves back and forth along the promenade and circling the Pavilion, she will create an intriguing performance, provoking interest from passers by who will be invited to write down their thoughts on notes that are then added to and become part of the work. The work will finish when Brudiewicz pushes the ball in to the main foyer of the De La Warr Pavilion at 5pm on the 14th September (during its Dear Serge event), leaving it in position and then walking away.


Now in its third year, the Platform Graduate Award 2014 profiles new talent emerging from universities and colleges in the South East region. Working as part of CVAN (Contemporary Visual Arts Network), five galleries in South East England – Aspex, Portsmouth; De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill; Modern Art Oxford; MK Gallery, Milton Keynes and Turner Contemporary, Margate – each showcase the work of recent graduates from their region, selected from university and college degree shows.


All iPhone photos © Miranda Gavin