Isobel Owen graduated this year from the University of Northampton with a First Class degree in BA (Hons) Fine Art.


The overarching theme within Owen’s work is the everyday. She film moments in the everyday that we fail to neither notice nor pay any attention to. The films highlight these moments. Within the exhibition you will find pieces recorded both close up and from a distance. She typically manipulates some of these recorded shots so that the subject matter isn’t immediately obvious to the viewer, sickness and, allergist instead slowly reveals itself over time. In those works filmed at a distance, link the superficial subject matter is immediate and obvious. Patterns of behaviour become consistently evident after viewing over a period of time.
The linear theme lies strongly within both bodies of work. Alongside this, there are strong, formal compositional characters within each video work. Each piece is characterised through layers, segmentation, pattern, depth and movement within the camera frame.