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Film: REEF: Three Years, Three Cities – A Curatorial Collaboration

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REEF was a new piece of work by artist Simon Faithfull. It was part of a three-year, medstore seek cross-border collaborative project Time and Place led by Fabrica a contemporary visual arts centre in Brighton.  

That Changed My Life: Blast Theory call to make short video on the importance of art and culture to you

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Blast Theory want to share “the multitude of ways that our lives have been enhanced by the breadth and vibrancy of art and culture in this country”. To this end, no rx Blast Theory is inviting you (the reader/s of this post) to make a video about the importance of art and culture under the  Continue Reading »

Collaborations & Connections: artSOUTH under the spotlight

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Mel Brimfield, sickness sale Mouth, generic sale 2013. Courtesy the artist and Ceri Hand Gallery.   With artSOUTH boasting 15 associated organisations working together to present newly-commissioned art works across the South East, unhealthy | writer Mark Sheerin finds that it is not only the arts organisations that are joining forces but that many of  Continue Reading »

On Loan / South East galleries and museums mix the old and the new

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Woofer Design by Sander Mulder. © Sander Mulder. De La Warr Pavilion show.   Historical and contemporary objects and art works from museums and collections are brought together for two South East exhibitions. Mark Sheerin talks to the curators and galleries to find out more.   Between mid-July and mid-September there is an uncanny crossover  Continue Reading »

‘There’s no curator to RELAY…’ A new way to programme art?

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The South East’s programme of new work RELAY may point the way to a new type of collaboration between organisations involved in the arts, suggests Michael Stanley, Director of Modern Art Oxford in this interview with Frame and Reference.   National arts funding is under increasing pressure, but challenges offer new opportunities. With organisations looking  Continue Reading »